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Now Make Access Requests from Slack—Easy, Peasy!

AUTHOR: The Opal Team

You know when you walk into a room and immediately forget why you walked in there to begin with? Psychologists call this the "doorway effect", because the doorway resets your memory, allowing your brain to make room for a new episode to unfold.

In a similar way, switching between tabs and apps can lead to a massive loss in productivity. At Opal, we focus on making access management frictionless, so you don't waste time or energy fiddling with settings.

We know every company's workflow is different, so we wanted users to customize Opal to their approval process. We've designed Opal to fit your workflow, not the other way around.

From using the command line and linking access to support ticket workflows (e.g. Jira), we continue to create new ways to make Opal intuitive. Now, we've given users the option to request and approve access from within Slack! It's as easy as typing /opal in chat👇🏼


Besides making requests and approvals easy, Opal supports flexible approval workflows. Depending on how sensitive the resources are, you can set multiple rounds of approvals with Opal. Resources can require approval from one team, multiple, or from a manager.

How do you and your company want to level up your approval workflows? Let us know at!


The Opal Team

P.S. Have you seen our demo video yet? Our CEO, Naseem, shows off Opal's powerful functionality. Click here to check it out now.

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